Video: Illegal Migrants Let into Texas by Guard Soldier Who Opens Eagle Pass Border Fence Under Orders from Biden Admin

Video posted by Fox News reporter Bill Melugin Monday night shows a sole female Guard soldier opening an Eagle Pass, Texas border fence and letting in dozens of illegal migrants who had crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico. Melugin reported that the Texas National Guard informed him the soldier in the video was a Missouri National Guard trooper carrying out an order by the federal government.

The Biden administration is providing concierge service for the illegal migrants as a bus can be seen waiting to pick them up after they are let in.

“NEW: Security video from a contact in Eagle Pass, TX shows a large group of migrants crossing illegally onto private property this morning. Crossings have been down big in Texas last few days, but are expected to rise again as cartels/smugglers figure out the post T42 border…asked the Texas National Guard if this is one of their soldiers who opens the gate for the group of migrants. They tell me she is NOT a TX soldier & is not TX ARNG. I’m told she is a Title 10 soldier from the Missouri ARNG under orders from the federal gov & working w/ BP.”

(The second video shows the soldier opening the gate)

Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) reacted to the video on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning, saying it shows “the border is not secure.” Gonzales also provided Fox video he took of a massively overcrowded migrant detention facility in El Paso. Gonzales said 3,000 men were crammed in a facility meant for 1,000.

Also on Monday, a Mexican news outlet reported on a stash house north of Eagle Pass that had 53 illegal migrants (via translation):

“They find 53 undocumented immigrants in a mobile home north of #EaglePass , #Texas. In Eagle Pass, the different law enforcement agencies continue to locate Safe Houses mainly in the colonias, outside the city limits. Recently, 53 undocumented immigrants were located in a Mobile Home on Ramirez Street in the Siesta Acres sector north of Eagle Pass. Mario Hernandez, Constable for Maverick County Precinct 3, said that in many cases people who are engaged in human trafficking rent homes that they later use to hide people who enter the country illegally, and then wait for the moment to transport them to cities within Texas. The conditions of the house were deplorable, they had no water or electricity service, and they were all living together in a small space. The Border Patrol located the security house and different police corporations came to help him. He said that according to investigations, these traffickers solicit the relatives of immigrants who live in the United States.”

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