Mother’s Day Is Coming: Get Great Deals On Slippers, Sandals And Bathrobes Sent Right To Her Door!

With Mother’s Day next weekend, here’s your chance to get her something she’ll love and use for a long time!

Mike Lindell’s MySlippers are built with the same love and care he put into MyPillows — they’re like Mypillows for your feet!

We know people who wear them all the time — inside and outside!

Ahead of Mother’s Day, Mike has dropped the price of his MySlippers to $25 when you use promo code TGP at MyPillow.com (plus, Gateway Pundit benefits when you use that promo code).

To ensure your gift arrives before Mother’s Day, remember to use “expedited shipping” and check with MyPillow directly to make sure they arrive on time!

Check them out by clicking here and finding this image:

Here’s what people are saying about MySlippers:

“These slippers are by far the most comfortable that I have ever owned. Very high quality and worth the money.

“These are without a doubt the most comfortable house slippers I have ever purchased. The memory foam and whatever else they use inside the shoe makes it the most cushioned walk you will experience. Love the soles as well and find myself wearing them to the store because I don’t want to take them off.”

“I never want to take them off! Most comfortable footwear that I have ever had. Wearing them daily inside and out!”

Note from MyPillow: With MySlippers you will want to add a half to a full size to your normal shoe size. For example, if you wear an 8 or 8.5 please choose a size 9.

Click here to see more of MySlippers — now only $25 with promo code TGP!

To get your discount, look for this box at the top of the MyPillow.com site:

Put TGP in that box and hit “CONFIRM” to get your discount!

Plus, check out these sandals that every mother would love!

And there’s a great sale on “salon-quality” bathrobes:

People are saying about MyPillow bathrobes:

“Thick, luxurious, and comfortable. I love my robe and would highly recommend it. Best robe I’ve ever owned.

I used these robes at a salon so I had to come on here and buy one. Absolutely love these.”

It washes up nicely and is a great gift.

Whichever MyPillow product you get her for Mother’s Day, she’ll love it!

Remember to use promo code TGP to get great discounts!

And you can have it shipped right to her door by entering her address in the shipping instructions.

For more great deals at MyPillow, click here!

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