Nutjobs at the World Economic Forum Declare New Crises Facing the World

The World Economic Forum brings together politicians, corporate leaders, government leaders and quite a few nutjobs to Davos annually.  This year is no exception. 

The WEC held various panels this year like years in the past.  One panel took the ridiculous climate change sham to a new level.

During a presentation at the event, climate change was upgraded to a planetary crisis, a safety crisis and a justice crisis.   

“Dear friends, scientifically this is not a climate crisis. We are now facing something deeper,” Swedish scientist Johan Rockström said during a presentation Wednesday, adding that we are “really putting humanity’s future at risk. This is a planetary crisis.”

Professor Joyeeta Gupta followed up to describe how the “planetary crisis” is also multiple other types of crises, as well.

“This is a safety crisis, but above all it is also a justice crisis,” she said, because it will apparently most strongly affect people in poorer countries that contribute the least to planet-warming emissions.

This presentation was aided by a lady in a hat who chimed in and said that the planet is also in a spiritual crisis.

This woman says we must look at our almighty creator to find spirituality, although this was not defined.

After all this, it looks like the WEC is suffering from a reality crisis.  The more crazy people they put on stage the crazier they look. 

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