Far Left Mediaite and Others Lose Their Minds Over Mike Lindell Comment Regarding Marjorie Taylor Green

On Thursday afternoon, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell joined Badlands Media Group during their live podcast covering the Speaker of the House vote.  During the coverage of the vote, Badlands garnered over 1,350,000 views, which is a testament to the people of this country getting involved in previously mundane processes in a new era of transparency and accountability.

During the coverage, Lindell made the following statement:

“You know, I just think that… it’s her choice. But obviously, she was promised something.  And I don’t know if that promise helps the people…”

Far-left “media” caught on to the statement, as Lindell had predicted in the podcast.  The first appears to have been far-left Mediaite.  They posted an article titled “Mike Lindell Throws Marjorie Taylor Greene All the Way Under MAGA Bus Over Speaker Vote: ‘Oh, I Let It Slip Out!’”  In the article, they show a minutes long clip where Lindell is discussing promises made to the grassroots and to the People.

As a member of Badlands Media, and as a writer for The Gateway Pundit as Mediaite noted in the article, I responded:

“If it’s committees, I’m ok with that.  If it’s Marjorie Taylor Green getting committee spots, I want to see her on a committee.  When Rosendale came up there and was talking about that vote, holding them accountable, making people vote for even these small single item bills, that’s something Marjorie Taylor Green’s been doing for a while…when I was out at the Moment of Truth Summit in August, I had the opportunity to sit down with Jim Hoft and interview Marjorie Taylor Green and we talked about that specific event, holding them accountable, and deep down she has the desire to hold them accountable.  So there has to be some reason why she’s holding out…”

To which Lindell agreed:

Some reason…right, right…and I’m going to give her that…”

Then, immediately after that statement, Matt Gaetz nominated Donald Trump for Speaker of the House.

The Freedom Caucus holdouts lasted 15 rounds before they eventually subsided, however, in the process, many concessions were made that will enable the caucus to influence hopefully transparent investigations that the People have been calling for into things such as January 6th federal involvement, Hunter Biden’s laptop, 2020 election interference and manipulation and FTX funding of political campaigns.

Far left “media” and the Mockingbird Media on both sides had been in complete meltdown over the votes going on for so long.  Prior to this vote of the 118th Congress, multiple rounds of Speaker votes had occurred in 13% of previous Congresses, almost all going multiple votes.  In 1923, it went 9 votes.  In 1856, 133.  In 1849, 63 votes.  In 1859, 44 votes took place.

In the article mentioned above, they ironically called the Badlands Media panel and myself “far-right activists”.  It’s as if anything that isn’t in total agreeance with their leftist ideology is automatically “far right”.  I’ve issued an open challenge to Mediaite to show actual political biases:


Spoiler alert:  Mediaite is 100% left.



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