Fox News Anti-Trumper Brit Hume Claims Donald Trump’s “Star is Fading” Despite Him Still Dominating Primary Polls!

The conservative media establishment has used Donald Trump as a scapegoat for the Republican Party’s disappointing midterm while ignoring his many successful endorsements. Now they are prematurely proclaiming his political demise as he begins another presidential campaign.

Fox News Channel’s senior political analyst Brit Hume on Monday became the latest to prematurely bury the Donald. When asked on Fox News Channel’s Special Report whether Trump was losing his influence in the GOP, Hume replied:

“I think that in terms of opinion and in terms of influence, his star has faded. That doesn’t mean he’s not a big factor and that getting past him for the Republicans looking ahead to 2024 it could be ugly. It could be bloody. It could be painful. It could cause enough Republicans who were for Trump to, you know, to move away, be disaffected in 2024. So, that’s the hardest job they have, is to try to work around Trump.”

This proclamation, however, flies in the face of reality. Despite the Ron DeSantis boomlet since last week, the former president still remains in command of the Republican Party. The Real Clear Politics average show Trump leading DeSantis by an average of 30 points. Furthermore, the corporate media has proclaimed the end of Donald Trump seemingly hundreds of times before he always bounces back.  How many times does he have to teach the corrupt media and political establishment this simple lesson?

Furthermore, the fact Trump has remained near the forefront of the political discussion throughout the Biden regime speaks to his continued relevance. The truth is no one is better at navigating the media landscape and generating coverage than Trump.  He even got the media to essentially fund his first presidential campaign when they gave the equivalent of $2 billion in free advertising. Let’s not forget how he trolled the press last week into giving him free coverage for his final midterm rally where he teased a “very big announcement” for November 15, 2022 (today).  The more people discuss Trump, the stronger he becomes.

As John Adams once said, facts are stubborn things. The truth remains that Donald Trump is the leader of the GOP until further notice and no amount of wish casting by the political establishment will change this.


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