What’s Going On? Far Left Media and RINOs Are Joining Forces to Back Ron DeSantis in Effort to Dethrone President Trump

The far-left and the RINOs are joining forces to support Ron DeSantis today in an effort to dethrone President Trump as the top candidate for President in 2024.

This will not end up well.  We know this because the far-left and RINOs cannot be trusted and the MAGA crowd will have nothing to do with them.

Even some “mainstream” conservatives (i.e. Ben Shapiro) are praising DeSantis. But those who have followed these actors know that they are attacking President Trump by backing DeSantis.

  1. The New York Post this morning led with the picture above.
  2. Liz Peek called DeSantis the new Republican leader at FOX this morning.
  3. The far-left New York Times this morning wrote that DeSantis just became the GOP front runner for 2024.
  4. The corrupt far-left architect of the 2020 Election Steal, David Frum, backed DeSantis at the far-left Atlantic this morning saying Trump lost the midterms and DeSantis won them.
  5. Far-left Politico released a report that Billionaire CEO Ken Griffin is ready to back Ron DeSantis now.  The article goes on to bash President Trump.
  6. The far-left Financial Times writes that [President] Donald Trump was overshadowed by Ron DeSantis last night.

The list goes on.

Unfortunately for DeSantis is that these are some of the most disgusting far-left publications in existence.  They don’t really report.  It’s more like they follow orders from the Deep State on what narratives to push.

It’s blatant and obvious what some are trying to accomplish. The Left and RINOs cannot beat Trump in 2024 but they are willing to decimate DeSantis to try.

DeSantis has done a great job as governor.  He took many actions to make his state great and stand up to the monsters on the left in Florida.  However, many would argue that it never would have happened if not for President Trump helping him win the 2018 Election.

Aligning himself with the left-wing media, RINOs and “conservatives” like Ben Shapiro is a terrible move for DeSantis. 

Also, some moves by DeSantis are arguably not good.  For example, why has DeSantis not said a word about the stolen 2020 Election or the BS going on in Arizona right now?  Has DeSantis said anything in Kari Lake’s defense?  Does he have a Truth Social account?

President Trump has the largest base of supporters in US history.  If DeSantis wants to win them over he’d be better advised to join them rather than to go against them.  This is something Paul Ryan’s and Mitch McConnell’s egos would never accept. 

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